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What is a Business Suite?

*****Find everything you need to run a successful business.

Business suites are one of the fastest growing segments in the small business industry. Independent professionals are making a transition to suites seeking freedom, flexibility and increased profits.

D'lux Suites are private studio spaces for independent professionals with in a larger building. Professionals can rent a suite by the week, utilities included, sell their own products and set their own hours.

Rent with out the added costs of maintenance on the building and other risks that come with owning a business, suites are ideal for the professional who are established in the beauty, wellness or retail industries.

Our suite owners love to personalize their suites- with art, music, furniture, paint and decor. Our suites are not just designed for Beauty professionals, they accommodate office, boutiques, specialty services and more. Unlike office buildings where city code prevents certain industries to co-rent under the same roof, we applied for the "change of use" that allows multiple kinds of tenants to rent a suite.

Clients love to roam the halls, looking at how each business and see how they decorated and shop while getting their hair done.

D'lux suites invests a lot of time and energy into helping suite owners grow their businesses. We love to build camaraderie and community. We offer social events and classes, business coaching and more.

Choose between:

Spa Suite

Salon Suite

Office Suite

Medi-Spa Suite

Specialty Suite


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