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Let us work for you, behind the scenes, taking care of the things you don't want to so you can do more of what you love.

As long-time business owners (with a combined 40+ years), Brad and Angi felt they have the experience to help support and empower other entrepreneurs to build their own businesses. Their passion is seeing others be successful. They enjoy working behind the scenes, cheering on other entrepreneurs and partnering with them to maximize their success.

Brad, husband and manager, & Angi want the best for YOU! If that means people choose to stay where they are or rent from another salon, The GOAL REMAINS THE SAME! Brad and Angi still want to help support you and will offer themselves as a resource to help you meet your goals.. That is just one aspect that sets Brad and Angi apart.

They also feel it benefits the tenant to be their own boss because of the financial advantages and the pride of owning your own business. Having someone on site to ask questions and help you get started, but remaining independent as much as you want is the best of both worlds.

Brad & Angi feel building a community with other suite tenants is a big plus, so they offer education, luncheons, and social get-togethers to help build and foster those relationships within. D'Lux and Luxury Salon Suites offer great environments and everything you need to start your own business.

There are many entrepreneurs in Sioux Falls. What if we stopped looking at each other as competitors, work together, learned from and supported each other instead? Our vision is to help people in their journey, cheering them on as they go. If you are looking for that kind of environment, come check us out. We would love to meet you.

My Calling:

"I remember when my parents would have me mow our acreage.  Our mower couldn't get close enough to the house and around the trees, so I would take the sewing scissors ✂️ and cut the grass level, pulling the grass up between my fingers, pretending I was cutting hair like my mom. I should have known then this was my calling!

In high school, as the time came to consider what I would do with my life, I wanted to consider something other than cosmetology school because I didn’t think it would be challenging enough.  Boy, was I wrong!


I eventually enrolled  in a beauty college and found out all the "hats" cosmetologists wear. I haven’t stopped learning since.  My passion is to pass on my experiences to help others be successful." ~ Angi

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