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“Let us do the things you don't want to do, so you can do the stuff you Love.”

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D'Lux Suites & Luxury Salon Suites are ​dedicated to providing you with the best. A professional atmosphere fueled by luxury all around is what you can expect. Whether it is health care, skin care, hair care, nail care or any other profession that provides services to make a positive difference for others, Luxury Suites is here to offer you the best space for your clients to feel relaxed and pampered without the start-up expenses. 

“We do our best so you can be your best.”

Angi Britton - Owner of D'Lux Suites



Gross Rent: everything included

Laundry Facility included as no extra charge

Most suites have personal dispensaries with extra hand sink

Conveniently located in Sioux Falls

24/7 Security and after hours access

2005 W 42nd St.

( 10 suites)

4610 S Technopolis Dr.

( 33 suites)

Sioux Falls Business 

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D'lux Suites

"You guys are great at being on top of any and all issues, honestly, it has been a pleasure working with all of you wonderful people. I'm not used to renting from such a power couple. "

Desiree​ T,  Desiree's Dream Salon

"Thank you for for the opportunity to work in a great environment. I feel Brad and Angi have done a phenomenal job at hearing our needs and attending to them as soon as you could. My family has been so impressed by both of your managing habits and feel we could ask you for anything reasonable. "

Jessica M, The Blessed Chair Salon

"Luxury Salon Suites has been the best move I've made in my 30+ years of taking care of people's hair. The owners, Angi & Brad, are amazing, and they constantly are providing amazing oversight."

Bev J, Hairstylist at LSS

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